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BIIAB – the Awarding Organisation and End-Point Assessment Organisation for Work Based Learning Providers and Employers.  

The BIIAB are a highly experienced team in the work based learning sector, having worked within market leading Awarding Organisations over many years. These skills and experience have helped many Providers and Employers deliver the highest levels of Quality Assurance, combined with efficient and effective delivery for Apprentices and Employers.

As an organisation we're proud to deliver:

  • Apprenticeship Frameworks in 25 service sectors
  • Over 220 Qualifications that are valid and fit for purpose for delivery in the work place
  • Quality Assured Delivery and Assessment Preparation (QADAP) Packs to support the training delivery and ongoing assessments of the new Standards
  • End Point Assessments in line with the new Assessment Plans
  • Advice, guidance and support for the quality assurance process within our Centres (click here to become a Centre)

Skills and technology

The skills and technology that are embedded within the BIIAB organisation and culture that we have identified as critical to delivering both quick wins and long term growth for our Centres include:

  • Providing Apprenticeship Frameworks, Standards, End Point Assessments, Qualifications, Assessments and Products which are fit for purpose for work place delivery; flexible and supportive to the needs of Apprentices, Learners, Employers and Training Providers
  • An EQA strategy and standardisation that is designed to support the Centre's verification process
  • ‘Online Registration and Certification System’ (ORCS) for centres to efficiently manage, register, track and claim achievements for learners for apprenticeship packages, qualifications and also standalone units
  • ‘Online Registration, Certification and Assessment System’ (ORCAS) which allows centres to schedule assessments to be taken onscreen either with or without internet access or by paper. The system is completely on-demand and provides results for multiple choice assessments as soon as the assessment is uploaded
  • Account management and accessibility of the management team to advise on future developments and direction
  • Dedicated Centre support and customer service to support Centres

More than 20 years of experience 

BIIAB has been established for over 20 years and provides a range of funded and commercial vocational qualifications in the UK.

  • Over 99,000 certificates were issued in 2016 for a range of BIIAB vocational qualifications in over 600 centres across the UK
  • We hold Awarding Organisation Recognition from Ofqual, SQA Accreditation, Qualification Wales and CCEA; as such BIIAB can operate in the regulated markets of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • We provide accreditation schemes including; Accredited Training Modules, Good Practice Recognition Schemes and Accredited Staff Induction Programmes.
  • Our Employer base includes Virgin Media, Tesco, Lidl, The Co-Op, Spirit Pub Co, JD Wetherspoons and Marston’s
  • We work to influence government policy

Our partnership objectives with Centres are to maintain the highest levels of quality assurance whilst identifying areas to assist in reducing costs in the delivery and administrative process, and to work with Centres in engaging with employers to grow your overall business.


The BIIAB is a proud Patron member of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and Association of Employment and Learning Providers London (AELP London), the leading trade associations for Vocational Learning and Employment Providers in Britain and London.