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The BIIAB Licensed Hospitality Apprenticeship has been designed by the Licensed Hospitality sector (pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants) for those wanting to work within it.  

The framework can be used by employers with existing employees, new recruits, or with people you think are long-term prospects in the industry. They have been developed to meet the specific needs of the industry and to offer a clear route into Licensed Hospitality and to progress within it.

There are Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeships in this area.  In both instances Apprentices will need to complete specific BIIAB qualifications in Licensed Hospitality Operations and Licensed Hospitality Skills qualifications, as well as Functional Skills.   

For more information on the Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeship click here.  

For more information on the Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship click here.