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Quality Assured Delivery and Assessment Preparation (QADAP) packs

Our QADAP packs have been designed to support BIIAB approved centres with the on-programme training delivery, quality assurance and assessment preparation for the apprenticeship standards. We require all Centres to be approved and for each apprentice to be registered against the respective apprenticeship standard in order to use our apprenticeship service. This will enable us to identify the apprentice and their start date, and to schedule quality assured visits to monitor performance and track individual’s progress in order to issue Certificates of Learning Progress. 

Download the Approval form and return to our Customer Support Team. We will schedule an approval visit and provide the necessary training to enable you register your learners to kick start their apprenticeship.     

Each QADAP Pack is Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ready and easy to use. It will enable your team, from day one of working with the apprentice, to have a tailored, consistent and standardised approach to delivery, tracking individual apprentice progress towards the 'Gateway' and will prepare apprentices for the End Point Assessment. It provides an evidence trail in one place for audit and inspections, which combined with the quality assurance, will support your risk management strategy.

To give you an idea of the content of each QADAP pack, prior to approval for our apprenticeship service, click through the links below, once you are logged into the website. You will have login details once you are a BIIAB approved centre.

Our QADAP Packs will be developed in all the service-led areas in which we offer qualifications. We have also mapped the content to mandatory and recommended qualifications or to the closest relevant qualification for each standard, where possible, ensuring seamless, efficient and effective delivery where necessary.  

To find out more about our Apprenticeship service offer, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Level 2 Adult Care Worker V1 2017

Level 2 Adult Care Worker V2 2018

Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker V1 2017

Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker V2 2018

L3 Business Administrator

Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

Level 3 Chef de Partie

Level 2 Commis Chef

Level 2 Hospitality Team Member

Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor

Level 3 Senior Production Chef

Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor

Level 5 Operational Departmental Manager

Level 2 Retailer

Level 3 Retail Team Leader

Level 4 Retail Manager

Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative