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Quality Assured Delivery and Assessment Preparation (QADAP) service and packs


"The BIIAB QADAP service and packs are invaluable as a learning, monitoring and development tool for all apprentices. The QADAP packs create a very clear study programme, that contextualises the standards in a format that is easy to understand and follow, making the applied learning enjoyable, relevant and motivational. The QADAP packs make the learning achievable, helping create a successful outcome."

We are grateful to David Foskett, Welcome Skills, for providing the above quote to explain the BIIAB QADAP service and packs.

To support you in the delivery of apprenticeship standards, BIIAB has created the Quality Assured Delivery and Assessment Preparation (QADAP) service and packs. In order to benefit from our QADAP service and packs, please make sure that you register your apprentices now.

The QADAP service is designed to provide your business with a ‘full fat’ quality assurance service covering three areas:

To see the full benefits of the QADAP service and packs, please click here.

To view the process of the QADAP service and packs, please click here.

Our QADAP service also supports the recent reports by Ofsted, which include the following quotes:

‘The substance of what students are learning matters just as much, if not more than, how good a grade they get in any exam or assessment’


‘.. it’s all about measuring progress through the learning’.

Source: ‘Dissemination of the Ofsted HMCI Inspectors Annual Report 2017 Further Education & Skills, at AELP Conference December 2017’  


‘….inspectors said leaders do not evaluate the quality of provision…“accurately or identify suitable actions for improvement”…’

Source: Ofsted watch FE Week April 2018

Each BIIAB QADAP pack is Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ready and easy to use. It will enable your team, from day one of working with the apprentice, to have a tailored, consistent and standardised approach to delivery, tracking individual apprentice progress towards the 'Gateway' and will prepare apprentices for the End Point Assessment.

We have a really streamlined an efficient process to gain approval to use the BIIAB QADAP service and packs, to enable you to gain maximum benefits from our apprenticeship services. Download the Approval form and return to our Customer Support Team.  

One of our team will contact you, schedule an approval visit to demonstrate the benefits of the QADAP service and show you an example QADAP pack. They will review your application and upon approval support you with the necessary training to enable you to register your learners to start their apprenticeship and gain the full benefits of the QADAP service.  BIIAB are here to support you and your clients to deliver quality apprenticeships.  Please register your apprentices now in order to benefit from the BIIAB ‘full fat’ QADAP service for apprenticeship standards.

Our team would be very happy to visit you to explain how we work and to get the greatest benefit from our apprenticeship services. 

Contact our Customer Support Team to book an appointment for one of our Business Development team to visit who would be happy to demonstrate the QADAP pack with you and your team and to explain next steps for the QADAP service.  


If you are an approved BIIAB QADAP centre, please click on the relevant sector drop-down lists below, of which you have apprentices registered onto QADAP, to download the QADAP packs (please ensure you are logged into CentreZone).

Level 2 Adult Care Worker V1 2017

Level 2 Adult Care Worker V2 2018

Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker V1 2017

Level 3 Lead Adult Care Worker V2 2018

L3 Business Administrator

L3 Events Assistant

Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

Level 3 Customer Service Specialist

Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker

Level 3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker

Level 3 Chef de Partie

Level 2 Commis Chef

Level 2 Hospitality Team Member

Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor

Level 2 Production Chef

Level 3 Senior Production Chef

Level 4 Hospitality Manager*

*Food and Beverage, and Kitchen Management Specialist Function Milestone Achievement Modules (with the Core modules) are the pathways available

Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor

Level 5 Operational Departmental Manager

Level 2 Optical Assistant

Level 2 Retailer

Level 3 Retail Team Leader

Level 4 Retail Manager

Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

Level 3 Teaching Assistant