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BIIAB Level 1 Award in Smoking Awareness


This qualification is aimed at people who are most likely to start smoking - young teenagers it is developed in conjunction with Trading Standards' ground-breaking educational DVD "Choked Up" and it educates and informs both children and adults about the social, economic, and health impacts of smoking.


Flexible learning (7 guided learning hours)


The qualification covers the following topics:

  • Why people start smoking

  • What is in tobacco products

  • The short, medium and long term effects of smoking

  • The dangers of passive smoking

  • How to give up smoking and the benefits of stopping

  • The implications of the illegal trade in tobacco


Assessment: 25 mutliple-choice questions.

Qualification title: BIIAB Level 1 Award in Smoking Awareness 

Level: 1

QN: 603/1425/4

Credit: 1

Part of an apprenticeship: No

Regulation purpose: B. Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and skills in a subject area

Regulation sub purpose: B2. Develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area.