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BIIAB Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness


This qualification is for you if you wish to educate and inform both children and adults about the social, economic, career and health impacts of alcohol

It was developed in response to the Government initiative to raise awareness of alcohol issues with children and young adults

It is a key part of the ground-breaking ‘BII Schools Project’

There is handbook and on-line activities plus activity sheets.


Flexible Learning (10 guided learning hours)


The qualification covers:

  • What alcohol is and what it does to the body

  • The effects and danger of alcohol

  • How to be responsible

  • How the licensed trade contributes to the local and national economy


Assessment: Short 25 question exam paper combining 10 Yes/No questions and 15 multiple choice questions.

Recommended Training materials available on the Centrezone website of the BIIAB

Qualification title: BIIAB Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness

Level: 1

QN: 500/5604/9

Credit: 1

Part of an apprenticeship: No

Regulation purpose: B. Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and skills in a subject area

Regulation sub purpose: B1. Prepare for further learning or training. B2. Develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area.