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BIIAB Level 2 Award for Licensing Practitioners (Gambling)


This qualification has been developed to support and standardise the quality and approach of Licensing Practitioners working within the Gambling Act 2005.

The ALPG will enable Licensing Enforcement Officers, with industry and licensing experience, working within Local Authorities or Police to become proficient in the enforcement of the Gambling Act 2005.


One day


The BIIAB ALPG gives candidates a broad appreciation of gambling, the licensing objectives, licensing authority duties and the Gambling Commission's Guidance under the Gambling Act 2005.

Assessment: Short multiple-choice exam.

Qualification title: BIIAB Level 2 Award for Licensing Practitioners (Gambling)

Level: 2

QAN: 501/2348/8

Credit: 1

Part of an apprenticeship: No

Regulation purpose: B. Prepare for further learning or training and/or develop knowledge and skills in a subject area

Regulation sub purpose: B1. Prepare for further learning or training. B2. Develop knowledge and/or skills in a subject area.