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BIIAB Level 2 Certificate in Cellar Service Installation and Maintenance


The BIIAB CCSIM has been developed in conjunction with Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBi) to help satisfy the current demand for qualifications at this level for cellar service engineers, as at present no hallmark of a suitably qualified engineer exists. The BIIAB CCSIM has been developed to fill this gap and become the recognised quality minimum standard in this specialist field, particularly with regard to gas installation.


Five one-day modules


The BIIAB CCSIM covers five key subject areas, including:
• Unit 1- Health and Safety and Survey of the Cellar. This unit provides information relating to Health and Safety awareness and Survey of the Cellar. Health and safety affects us all in our daily lives and the understanding and application of good health and safety is vital for everyone's health, safety and well-being. This module provides the base from which to work safely.
• Unit 2 - Properties of Beer and Beer Dispense Equipment. Unit 2 supplies the essential information needed by cellar engineers to understand how the quality of beer in the glass is affected by the manner in which it has been brewed in the brewery and handled at the retail outlet, normally, the cellar.
• Unit 3 - Cellar Service Equipment. This unit provides information relating to coolers, beer dispense, metered dispense, beer engines and fonts. It is designed to give you, the candidate, a well rounded insight into the varied types of equipment you are likely to come into contact with during your working day.
• Unit 4 - Service Installation. Unit 4 provides information relating to pythons, cleaning
systems and handover, including information on the suitability, quality, installation and cleaning process of a python. It also includes how to clean dispense equipment whilst maintaining high levels of hygiene and the basic information that the cellar engineer must include in a handover to the operator or responsible person.
• Unit 5 - Dispense Pressure Systems. Unit 5 provides information relating to gas product awareness, gas safety, an overview of beer gas systems, the pressure systems code of practice and problem solving.