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BIIAB Award in Wine Service (Scotland)


Developed in partnership with the Academy of Food and Wine Service, the BIIAB Award in Wine Service (Scotland) has been designed to increase product awareness,
confidence and wine service skills amongst both managers and staff in
pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels with the aim of increasing business and
boosting profits through wine sales and service.


8 Guided Learning Hours


The qualification comprises of:

  • The main types and styles of wine, how wine is produced and the factors

  • that can affect the characteristics of wine

  • How to taste wine in a methodical way

  • How to store and serve wine

  • The equipment that is required to serve wine correctly and how to handle

  • and care for glassware correctly

  • The basic principles of selling wine successfully

  • The basic principles of food and wine matching and how these can be

  • used when selling wine

  • The legal and social responsibilities associated with selling wine.


Assessment: 25 multiple-choice questions

Qualification title: BIIAB Award in Wine Service (Scotland)

Accreditation number: R167 04

Qualification type: SCQF

Part of an apprenticeship: No