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New Level 3 Senior Production Chef QADAP

BIIAB have produced a new QADAP to meet V2 (STO232/AP02 2019) of the Level 3 Senior Production Chef Apprenticeship standard and Assessment Plan. 

This new pack is only for apprentices working to the new standard (released 07/01/19). If you have apprentices working on the previous QADAP (and to the original standard) please continue to use the original QADAP pack. We consider any apprentice that commenced on or before 07/01/2019 to be on the previous standard and assessment plan and any apprentice that commenced on 08/01/19 to be on the new standard.
The original QADAP remains available for registrations for apprentices who started their apprenticeship on the original version of the Level 3 Senior Production Chef (ST0232/AP01 2016) before 07/01/2019.
Should you wish to become approved to offer the Level 3 Senior Production Chef QADAP please Download the Approval form and return to our Customer Support Team.