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QADAP in action

We're very pleased to have certificated our first Milestone Achievement Module (MAM) from our QADAP service and packs. Here's what the Apprentice, Employer and Training Provider have to say about QADAP.

The Apprentice - Adrian McAllister
After a while I took ownership of my learning and what is required of me. I started to see the potential benefits by using the BIIAB QADAP structure, if I put the work in. I can see the change in myself and know I am starting to become a team leader that my business needs. I have developed my knowledge and skills, it has been great to carry out the different tasks. Having regular time with my Manager to learn on and off the job, areas such as behind the scenes of the business, has been invaluable. I enjoy my learning sessions with Claire from Sensible Training and like how she helps me to make the sessions ‘hospitality’ related when I am unclear. I can see the bigger picture now and look forward to next task and learning session. I am grateful for what Matt and Sensible Training have given me.

The Employer - Trinity Restaurant, Cambridge. Matthew Marshall, Manager
I have previously worked with NVQ’s and after a bad experience I was sceptical at first but after a couple of business development meetings I was excited by the change in the Standards. We had a slow start but within 6 months I could see the benefits. Claire from Sensible Training has been able to give us clear guidance on how we can best use the BIIAB QADAP modules to meet our requirements. After each training session Adrian has improved and changed his approach. He is starting to become a leader. The tasks in the QADAP pack strengthen his knowledge and gives him the skills to grow in his team leader role. Claire tailors the modules to our industry (hospitality) so we can put it in the right context. I am really pleased with Adrian’s efforts and the change in him. I know this will continue to grow the more we work through these QADAP modules.

The Training Provider - Sensible Training. Claire Nash, Trainer/Assessor
Roz from BIIAB has supported us wherever she could. We worked through the first BIIAB QADAP module, regularly providing Roz with our updates to seek guidance and support. Although intense, by having the guidance and support to follow, doing it right from the beginning, made the path a lot easier. It is great to know we have the support available and that we can work together with BIIAB to make it work for our business and our apprentices. We are still refining our delivery to ensure it is right for each learner and employer. Watching Adrian grow in his role is the most satisfying part and hearing his journey and that for his Employer’s makes it all worthwhile. The team leader/supervisor Apprenticeship standard has given Adrian the tools to learn the requirements of a team leader and support his Employer in making it right for their business. In the beginning Matt, Adrian’s Employer and Adrian himself, had hoped for a pass but now he is striving for a higher grade. They are all willing to put the time, effort and guidance in place, and they are determined to maximise the potential output of this apprenticeship.


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